Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Emissary - Book

An epic novel set in ancient Greece from the best-selling author of Bunker 13
This ambitious new novel transports you to the heart of Greece in the time of Alexander the Great. Selecus, son of Nicanor, learns to cope with treachery at a very young age. It doesn’t take him long to master the art of deceit himself; his journey from renegade citizen hankering for revenge against Alexander the Great to being a shaper of Greece's destiny in partnership with the great Athenian orator Demosthenes is testimony to his skills. And from the exhilarating chariot race in Olympia to Alexander’s encounter with the Persian army on the banks of the Granicus, his story rivets you from beginning to end.
Written with enormous gusto (and with a scholarship lightly worn), The Emissary is a truly wonderful patchwork of intrigue, betrayal, violence and military skullduggery in a distant world, epic in proportion and quite unputdownable. 


  1. the book seems to be very interesting. i congratulate the author for the attempt. looking forward to it...

  2. Its a difficult task to write a novel about a place without bieng there.....

    hats off to Aniruddha Ji