Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aniruddha Bahal

Aniruddha Bahal (born 1967) is an Indian journalist, author, founder and editor of the online magazine Born in Allahabad, Bahal worked as a journalist and editor for India Today and Outlook. In 1999, he along with Tarun Tejpal co-founded Tehelka, a news website.
While at Tehelka, Bahal conceived and carried out a sting operation which caught members of Indian Cricket Team accepting bribes to throw matches in camera. It resulted in a series of articles on match fixing in Indian Cricket, which were eventually published as a book - Fallen Heroes.
Bahal is also known for his part in Operation West End, another sting operation, which exposed corruption in awarding Indian defense contracts. In 2003, Bahal wrote an espionage thriller Bunker 13, which went on to win the Literary Review's Bad Sex in Fiction Award.
In 2005, Bahal founded and became the editor-in-chief of the online investigative journal The same year, Bahal and Cobrapost carried out Operation Duryodhana (also known as the "Cash for Questions" scandal), in which they managed to film several members of the Indian parliament accepting cash bribes in return for asking questions in parliament.
In 2008, he started hosting "The Tony B Show" for Channel V.


  1. Sir, I am a huge fan of yours. I really look forward in meeting you! I told Esha to get an autograph of yours but as usual she forgot so please send your autograph through her. Merry Christmas in advance ! :)

  2. Hey Aniruddh U are Hero - Thanks for exposing these bastards.
    Even I m in this Business I can give u more info.

  3. Can cobrapost do investigation

    killing of indian soldiers by pakistani and celebrating it
    how bangladeshi enter in india and becomes india nationalist
    How parties throwing money in election to get vote for money
    How black money used in anti indian activity
    How Dawood sending drugs in India
    How Terrorist entering in Indian border
    How Pakistan and Terrorist works together against India
    How Counterfeit money(Jali Note) spreading in india

    How china supporting pakistan against India

  4. Please share your email id ,wanted to share something